Post # 234 Taco Time! (again)

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Seriously under the weather today, fever, etc. so I’m taking it easy.  Partner/Spouse took care of dinner and started yesterday!  I don’t recall if I said anything, but for the past couple of weeks, my BiL has been working hard in their back yard pouring cement slabs, prepping for said pour, etc.  He’s been exhausted at the end of the day so we’ve taken over cooking for the two households for the time being.  So we’ve been cooking for 8 people instead of three.  Understandably, we’ve been doing the easy things, soups, stews, etc.  So yesterday, Partner/Spouse picks up a three pound 7Blade roast and puts it in the crock pot on low with several jalapeno peppers.

That sucker cooked all night long, and all day long.  I stayed in bed listening to my stomach growl.

When he deemed it was ready, he took the meat out and shredded it by hand.  He removed the peppers that had been cooking for so long but left the rest of the spices and herbs.  He roasted several more jalapenos on the grill and chopped them into the shredded meat.

After that, it was standard stuff.  Cans of refried beans, boxed mix of Spanish Rice, corn tortillas fried either flat or folded.  We had picked up the tortillas at the tortilla factory this morning so they were about as fresh as could be.  And we had also picked up fresh pico de gallo at the mercado this morning so the ingredients were about as fresh as we could get.

Did it matter?

There aren’t any left.  None.  I wasn’t there but the eye witness reports claim there was a feeding frenzy.

I ate a couple here at home on small soft flour tortillas.  Totally good!


Gotta love tacos!


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