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Today, we have guest blogger Mary P writing for us.  She has written guest posts in the past, and will hopefully continue in the future.  I’ve known Mary for many years, and she has a unique, quirky, and fun sense of humor when it comes to life, her family, and raising her boys.  Despite the challenges that hit her daily, she rise above them and maintains a sane balance that keeps her family on an even keel.  She’s just a lot of fun.

Before we get on with Mary’s post, I want to talk briefly about something that happened in Utah earlier this week.  It left me with such a sense of outrage that I felt I had to share it on my FB page, and here with you.  I hope you will all take the time to make sure this story is known all over the country, and that something gets done about it.

Earlier this week, 40+ grade school children had their lunches taken away from them because their parents owed money to the school’s lunch program.  Now, to their credit, the schools then gave the children milk and fruit so they wouldn’t go without lunch that day.  However, the way this played out was that the kids went through the lunch line, got their lunch, presented their cards for payment, sat down at tables, and then had their trays taken from them in front of their classmates.  The food was then THROWN AWAY rather than allowed to be eaten.  The school district said they had tried for two days to contact the parents whose accounts were in arrears be in some cases (I’m guessing 40+ cases) were unable to establish that contact.  The district’s child nutrition manager decided on Wednesday morning that the best way to handle the situation was to take the food away from the children rather than try to involve the parents.

You know how I feel about hunger, and about child hunger most importantly.  That this callous act could be perpetrated in our country in this day and age, is reprehensible and totally indefensible.  The story has been reported on The Daily Beast, CNN, HuffPo, and a multitude of other news sites and is gaining some momentum.  I hope this person is taught how completely inappropriate their actions and decisions were.  I just wish I could have ten minutes with them to discuss it.  There is a link below leading to the initial article that I read if you want to learn more about the incident.

Okay, my soapbox is withdrawn (although my anger is not), so on to the post!


Fusion Cuisine

I always find it slightly amusing when “Fusion Cuisine” is seen as trendy and new.  Finding a restaurant that specializes in it often means you’ll pay a premium price, too.  My view on “fusion” is quite different and simple.

It’s frugal.

My kids are a little weird.  They love Indian, Thai and Korean food in addition to the typical tacos, mac & cheese, spaghetti and meatloaf menu that many kids eat.  My husband loves Mediterranean  and southern food.  This means a lot of seemingly random and not necessarily matching ingredients and little bits of leftovers that don’t traditionally go together. Enter in the need to be inventive and come up with dinner from small bits of food that will go to waste unless I find some way to make it all work together.

Last week we had flatbread pizzas and vegetable soup.

This doesn’t sound like “fusion.”  Ginger miso vegetable soup with your choice of bulgogi pizza or conejo con cebolla (trans. “rabbit with onion”) pizza?  Fusion.  Not to mention delicious and a way to make a cohesive meal everyone will like.

I always have pizza dough made for this very reason.  ¼ cup of food is not a dinner.  But spread it on a pizza crust and suddenly it’s plenty.  The recipe I usually use will make two very thin crust hand tossed pizzas.

 For the rabbit pizza:

I stretched and oiled the crust and placed in on a preheated stone that was dusted with cornmeal.   I mixed a small amount of jarred spaghetti sauce with the onion, garlic, and tomato slurry that is served as part of conejo con cebolla and spread it over the crust.  Then spread chunks of meat that I had previously separated from the bones.  I added slices of roasted honeyed carrots from a previous evening and topped the whole thing with thin slices of mozzarella.  I placed it in the oven and cooked it at 375 for 20 minutes.

For the bulgogi pizza:

I stretched and oiled the crust and placed it on a second preheated stone that was dusted with cornmeal.   I used a small amount of jarred alfredo sauce as the base and added the slices of leftover bulgogi as will as some sliced mushrooms, and green onions and then topped that with thin slices of mozzarella.  It was also placed in the oven and cooked at 375 for 20 minutes.

The vegetable soup:

I had a box of Ginger Miso broth from Trader Joe’s, which I used as my base.  I had gone through my crisper drawer and my freezer to find the one inch of daikon radish; remaining sliced mushroom, green onion, and honeyed  carrot that didn’t fit on the pizzas; and 4 tablespoons of frozen peas.  I julienned the remaining radish and placed it and the carrot in the bottom of the bowls.  Then I heated four soup bowls worth of broth on the stove with the peas, mushroom, and green onions already added.  When it was hot, I poured it in the bowls.


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