Post # 200 (!) More Food Funnies

December 11, 2013 at 7:18 AM | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

There’s a lot going on in the household today that is taking my attention elsewhere.  So to “celebrate” my 200th post, I’ve got a lot of food funnies for you again.  I’ll update much later today, or early tomorrow to let you know what is going on.  Enjoy!

I sometimes like to relax with my food:

food funnies 7

And other times I like to play with my food:

food funnies 8

Calvin always knows what he wants:

food funnies 9

As does Snoopy:

food funnies 10

There’s nothing like a soaking in a hot tub:

food funnies 11

I’ve broken a diet more times than I can count.  Usually with M&Ms:

food funnies 12

Vegan Lobster:

food funnies 13

Actually that looks pretty good!

Maxine is wise beyond words:

food funnies 14

And Cookie Monster has the right idea:

food funnies 15

Hope you enjoyed the funnies.  Look for updates later!

UPDATE:  Okay, here’s the promised update.  For the last several years, Partner/Spouse has been school amassing an impressive number of degrees in nursing.  He has a bachelors’, two Masters, and as of tonight, his PhD is assured.  He gave his presentation (basically his oral defense of his dissertation) which was accepted by his degree panel.  Not only was it accepted, but the panel told him his subject and research was so important that they would co-author with him on his dissertation and have it published in two major medical journals, one at a national level, the other at a global level.  He gave his presentation here at home, via the internet, etc. while I made certain that all humans and animals were either absent or silent.  When it was over, we enjoyed a quiet glass of champagne before alerting everyone to the good news.  He now has his DNP, Doctorate of Nurse Practioner, which is the highest that can be attained in his chosen career.  At this point, if he decides to stay in nursing, he can either become a Chief Nurse or set up a private practice.  If he chose, he could go to medical school for two years, do an internship, and become a medical doctor.  The path he’s chosen, however, is to join with University this upcoming semester in a tenured position to create and teach the University level course needed to attain the degrees he already has.  I’m as proud of him as I can, almost as if I got the degrees myself.


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