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Okay, so here it is, it’s the day before one of the biggest feast days in America, and I have nothing to do.  How can that be? you ask.  You are thinking, But you’re the cook! the chef! the one who plans the meals!  Still, today, I have nothing to do.  It’s shaping up to be a very odd holiday for me for one reason alone.

I’m not cooking this year.

This is the first time since I was a teenager (and those of you who know me personally know how long that’s been) I am not preparing the feast, either in whole or in part.  My sister and her best friend are doing it all.  Every bit of it.  I’m in charge of the wine.  That’s not a bad thing.  I went to the large wine box store and got some great deals.  I went almost exclusively with Australian whites, some I enjoyed during my trips to the country, and others I’ve enjoyed here.  I also got one really big box.

Supposedly, the mimosas are starting around 9am.  Since I’m not cooking, I’ve decided to be grossly lazy all day long.  I’m not even turning my computer on.  Here’s about how I feel:


Like I said, for me, it’s a very odd holiday.  I won’t be in the kitchen.  I won’t be herding people to the table.  I won’t be watching to see that everyone is getting enough to eat.  I won’t even be setting the table.  I’ve never been a guest before.  I’ll be gracious, of course, but you know I’ll be keeping an eye on things to see how they’re doing it and seeing how it turns out and how it all tastes.

But, it’s also been an odd week, full of highs and lows.  I lost a dear friend to brain cancer; Partner/spouse had his dissertation accepted so he’s now a PhD; the weather is chilly but no longer rainy; the house is warm.  Emotions have run up and down.

There are things to be thankful for, lots of things.  There are things to reflect on, changes the past year has brought.  There are things to rejoice in, plenty of those.  There are things to laugh at, with five dogs in the house there are certainly that.

But it’s still an odd holiday.  I’m not cooking.  Tonight for dinner, I’m making a home-spun chili from a roast, salsa, and tomatoes.  No beans, but fresh tortillas to go with.  But tomorrow, on The Day, I’ll feel at loose ends, almost left out.

So I’m baking cookies!  And eating them all myself!  Maybe I’ll share them with the folks in the house, but maybe not.  I’m going to make butter cookies, or short bread maybe.  Something fun and easy.  There’s something almost unreal not having something cooking on a feast day.

In the meantime, now that my complaining is done:

turkey 2

I hope you all have a great day and whatever your plans are, I hope they’re the best!


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Joe.
    Sometimes being a guest is a great thing!
    Enjoy the day!

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