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Today is a tough day to blog.  Not only is it chilly and raining, it’s the 50th anniversary of the death of JFK.  I was 5 when it happened, and we lived in South Carolina at the time.  I don’t remember it at all.  People I’ve talked to throughout the years have told me in detail where they were and what they were doing.  The only thing I remember is what I’ve seen in the newsreels from the time in the years since.  But it does make me think back.

I remember being a little kid and having a small bag of M&Ms.  A bunch of other kids were grouped around me, hands out, begging for candy.  I remember one kid saying, “He’s not giving you guys any, only me, because I’m not begging.  Right?”  I shook my head and went indoors to eat my candy in peace.

I remember going on a camping trip once.  We slept in a pop-up tent trailer and I had to share a sleeping bag with my little brother who still wet the bed.  I liked to play whiffle ball, and float down the stream on the air mattress.  We at baloney sandwiches with dirt in them.  They tasted great.  We ate hot dogs burned over a fire right off the sticks, no buns needed.  The best thing was eating our breakfast cereal out of little boxes instead of bowls.  I was completely enchanted by those little boxes.  I could have Frosted Flaked while my sister could have Raisin Bran and my brother could have Fruit Loops!  And there was just enough in each little box for one person.  How could they do that?  I was severely disappointed that first morning when the cereal tasted the same as it did at home.  Something should have been different since everything else was so different.

I remember going to gather pecans.  In South Carolina, we called them pee-cans.  Later in life, that switched up to puh-cawns, and that’s how I’ve pronounced it ever since, except when very tired, distracted or drunk.  To gather the nuts, we stood under the trees and Dad would throw a stick high into the branches and knock the nuts down.  We’d pick them up from the ground and put them in sacks.  I don’t recall that we got a lot of nuts that way, but it was fun throwing sticks.

I remember the first piece of roast beef I recall eating.  We’d been playing hide and seek and couldn’t find my brother.  Mom said dinner was on the table so we trooped in and sat down.  I saw some green beans which I liked, and some mashed potatoes which I didn’t like, and a chunk of roast beef.  It looked really good.  Mom asked where my brother was and we explained we couldn’t find him.  She made us go look for him but before we left the table, I snagged half of my roast and jammed it in my mouth.  I chewed it thoroughly as we searched around the yard and neighborhood.  We went back to dinner table to report our failure.  Now they were getting alarmed.  So we started to search again, but not before I snagged the other half of my chunk of roast and started chewing vigorously.  It took some time, the assistance of the MPs (we lived on base), and the galvanization of the entire neighborhood, but we finally found him asleep under the neighbor’s bed where he’d been hiding.  When we went back to dinner, I looked at my plate and asked for more roast.  Mom asked where my roast had gone so I told her I ate it.  She said I had to eat the rest of my dinner before I got more.  I did and as would happen, I was full and got no more roast.  But even today, roast beef is one of my favorite meals.

I remember one Easter, we’d had a great time dying eggs so on Easter morning we got up, excited to find eggs and have candy.  All three of us raced to the living room and I saw an Easter basket full of toys and candy and a large stuffed Duck.  It was love at first sight and I bounded towards it, claiming it as mine as only a four year old can.  I named it Ducky, cuz I wasn’t all that original at that age.  I kept that toy for YEARS!  We sorted through our loot like it was Christmas and had a great time hunting for eggs.  At that time, I never cared much for the yolks, so I ate the whites of the eggs and gave the yolks to the dog.  We had a great time the rest of the day eating jelly beans and chocolate eggs and playing with new toys.  It was so sad when all the candy was gone and all that was left was green plastic grass.  A couple of days later, I was in the fridge looking for something and saw bags of candy.  I thought, wow, that’s the same candy the Easter Bunny brought us!  Uh, oh.  Yeah, the death of a lot of childhood dreams.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my nostalgia.  Take care, and as always, enjoy!


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