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Hey!  Tomorrow is Halloween!  Lots of stuff on the TV about it, scary movies, classic specials.  It seems like there’s a real nostalgia trend going on.  This picture


and others like seem to be everywhere.  So called haunted houses are cropping up all over, and in my city you can’t drive for more than two blocks without running into either a Halloween costume “superstore” or a pumpkin patch market.

It’s put me in mind of Halloweens in the past that I’ve experienced.  We always had a blast on Halloween.  We never had store bought costumes.  We always had to come up with something from our imaginations.  Little kids can put on a green shirt and see anything.

Baby_Blues Halloween

My brother’s first ex-wife is an excellent seamstress and when their kids were little, she spent hours putting together their costumes.  They always looked GREAT!  My favorite was the year she made matching Crayon costumes.  I think one was red and one was orange, but I could be wrong.

As we grew older, we thought less of the candy (well, not a lot less.  I’ve already destroyed one bag of candy), and more about the pranks.  It was all about scaring the neighbor kids.  We recreated the memories from our childhood for them.

One thing that has changed over the years that I’ve actually been pretty sad about is the wane of the homemade treat.  When I was a kid, we would get things like candied apples, popcorn balls, fudge, rock candy, cookies.  Somehow, over time, people stopped making the fun stuff.  I put this down to a couple of reasons.  One, they’re difficult to make in bulk.  Two, urban legends popped up making claims about the safety of such gifts.

jack o'lantern

Urban legends are stories that have been told around the campfire for generations.  You know most of them in one form or another.  The killer with the hook for a hand.  The Mexican Chihuahua that turned out to be a rat.  The list goes on and on.  I used to have a set of four books that went into the whole social aspect of urban legends and listed them out with their history.

Remember the one about the apples with the razor blades in them?  The way the story is told, at Halloween one house is giving away apples.  They have inserted broken razor blades into them so when unsuspecting children bite into them the blades will slice into their tongues, their gums, all parts of their sensitive mouth.  God forbid if they should happen to swallow them!  Periodically, newspapers and the internet will run stories about it.  Funny thing is, though, no one can find a single real case of this happening.  A different version of this story involved the candy Dots, which were the sugar dots on paper.  At some time in the sixties, supposedly some weirded out hippies laced some with LSD and got a bunch of little kids high.  Again, no documented evidence exists that anyone can find.

Another story that made the rounds not only was based on fact, but actually started a whole trend of pranks.  Remember the Ex-lax in the brownies?  This was tried on me once when I was about thirteen or so.  It didn’t work, my metabolism was too fast, but a friend was in agony for a couple of days.

So with all the stories floating around, and the amount of work involved in actually making the treats, homemade goodies fell into disfavor.  It’s really too sad.  Fudge is easy to make.  The hard part is cutting it up and wrapping it up individually.  Popcorn balls are just as easy, but boy they can be messy!

I miss the days of homemade treats.  Take care!

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happy halloween

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