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August is my birthday month.  I won’t say when, and I appreciate it if anyone who reads this blog and knows when wouldn’t do a shout out.  For very private and personal reasons, I do not celebrate my birthday.  My sister celebrates hers and it’s also in August.  And another friend in my sister’s group has an August birthday, very close to my sister’s birthday.  So we had a multi-birthday event this weekend.

The party started on Friday evening and went through to Sunday afternoon.  It had been planned for quite some time since it not only marked the birthdays, but the end of cancer treatment for my sister.  Friday evening was actually a fairly quiet one, with just a few of us sitting around, having wine, cheese and crackers, and discussing the menu for the next day.  A close friend was taking charge and the menu promised to be amazing.

Saturday, in the morning, partner/spouse started off by making French bread.  He followed Julia’s recipe and ended up with two perfect loaves that looked terrific.  He also made Yorkshire puddings.  He made individual ones in popover pans.  Then, he made gravy from some meat juices we had from when I made those messy tacos I blogged about last week.  I don’t know exactly what he did, but the gravy was savory, delicious, and plentiful.  At three in the afternoon, we took everything over.

Close Friend was making appetizers.  He took large flour tortillas and spread them with softened cream cheese.  On some he added chopped spring onions, on some he added chopped pimentos, and on the rest he combined the two.  We set the bread on the appetizer table and CF cut a few small pieces and put olive oil with cracked pepper on a shallow plate to dip the bread.  More crackers and cheese, and a divided serving tray with various nuts and olives finished the appetizers.  It was good stuff.

We enjoyed champagne and chardonnay in various waves.  During the course of the afternoon, CF created twice-baked potatoes while brother in law put spice rub on a huge prime rib.  Everything started coming together as the afternoon progressed.  More people arrived, more wine was poured, more appetizers were set out.  The prime rib was put on the rotisserie.  The twice bakes were put in the oven.  Later on, the yorkies were also put in the oven to heat up.

By the time we sat down, we had prime rib, fresh French bread, Yorkshire puddings, gravy, chopped garden vegetables, and something else that I’m forgetting.  It was amazing!  Better than any restaurant.  We all tucked in and ate till we were ready to explode.

I told everyone how good it was and CF said, “You have no idea how intimidated I am to cook for you guys.”

Partner/Spouse and I were both startled.  “What for?”

“You guys are great cooks!” he said.  “Every time I know I’m cooking for you, I feel like I have to step up my game.”

We had a good chuckle over it.  Then came the best part:  PRESENTS!!  After presents (and we all got good stuff) we lounged around, reading cards, laughing at each other.

Then CF brought out cakes.  Yup, that was plural on purpose.  CF bought two cakes, and four cupcakes.  Sister got a chocolate/raspberry filled cake with fudge frosting.  Other August birthday got German chocolate.  I like what?  Yellow cake with chocolate frosting which is not to be had in a bakery in this town.  However, one place made yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting for kids.  So while the other two got cakes that were a mile high and had Happy Birthday written on them and flowers and balloons, etc., I got four cupcakes with dollops of icing and nothing written on them.  But it was all GOOD!

On Sunday, partner/spouse and I did errands in the morning, but the afternoon was spent playing backgammon, eating prime rib sandwiches, drinking more champagne and the early evening we had MORE CAKE!!

It was a good celebration.  Prime Rib.  Yummm!


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  1. All I have to say is wow, a big Happy Birthday to everyone. Now that’s a way to celebrate a bday :))))))) The menu sounded so good; I could even taste the food.

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