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Yesterday was a relaxed Sunday for me.  Partner/Spouse and I went to breakfast with the FiL and ate a big meal that tided me over until dinner.  It was good stuff, tasty, and the FiL bought it!  Then a little bit of grocery shopping and home.  Good stuff on TV, work on the computer, partner/spouse making dinner.  All was good.  About one in the afternoon, I walked out to the kitchen to pour myself a glass of Pepsi, and for whatever turn of events, ended up mopping the living room floor.  I also mopped the bedroom.  Then I figured, what the heck, and mopped the hallway.  I was two feet from finishing and continuing on to the kitchen when the mop disintegrated!  I managed to finish up the hallway, but the mop was totaled.

I have no idea how old this mop was.  It came with the house.  It was a good mop, but was slowly falling to pieces.  But I’m a frugal person (read that: cheapskate) and as long as it put cleaning water on the floor and moved it around, I was happy with it.  But the mop was so old that it had rusted from the inside and come apart.  However, FiL was planning to hit Walmart today and promised to pick up a new mop so I could finish up the mopping and dusting.

So I took my Pepsi back to my computer desk and went about my computer work as though nothing had happened.

Partner/Spouse was making tacos and peppered rice.  He took a whole roast of beef and put it in the crockpot with seasonings, chopped Anaheim chilies, and water and simmered it all day.  Around three, he took the roast out and shredded it up and put it back in the crockpot to cook long and soften up.  Around 5, or half past, we put everything together for the tacos and sat down and ate.  More on the taco assembly below.  Actually, the way we love tacos, we gorged.

A few hours later, I was in the kitchen cleaning up.  We were saving the broth from the slow cooked beef to make albondigas soup at some later date.  I was waiting for it to cool off so I could put it in a one gallon Ziploc baggie and freeze it.  When I felt the bottom of the crockpot bowl, it was still too hot.  I decided to pour it into something and put it in the fridge overnight.  We have a one gallon Pyrex measuring cup with a rubber lid and I decided to use that.  Now ordinarily, when I pour anything, I pour away from myself.  For whatever reason, this time I was pouring toward myself.  I couldn’t see what was going on because of the angle of the pot, so I don’t know exactly what happened.  Two cups of fatty, well seasoned broth landed on the counter, the floor, and me.

And the mop was broken.  Which meant that I had to clean everything up with 409, water, and a sponge.  And then take a shower.  All with a completely full stomach, to the point of groaning.  Just the way you want to end a lazy Sunday.

Tim’s Tacos

He started with a 2 pound chuck roast and put it in the crockpot with a Taco Seasoning packet, 2 cups of water, and three Anaheim chilies chopped up, no seeds or ribs.  He let it simmer most of the day, then took it out and shredded it, leaving the big chunk of internal fat alone to provide flavoring.  He let the shredded meat simmer in the broth to which he added salt and garlic.  Once it was fork tender, he took the meat out and strained the broth off of it and put that back in the crock pot.  The meat he put into a skillet on low heat and let the meat dry off, parts of it getting crispy.  While the meat was doing that, he fried up several corn tortillas, some of them flat and some folded.  I had made fresh salsa earlier so while he was busy with his preps, I put some grated cheddar in a bowl, set out the chilled salsa, and opened up a salad kit that was a mix of cabbages, and various lettuce.  I made my tacos with shredded beef on the bottom, cheese, salsa, and cabbage/lettuce on top.  GREAT STUFF!!

Love tacos.


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