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I have several internet friends (and don’t tell me that can’t happen) and yesterday one of them posted on FB about a pizza he’d created.  I don’t have the details but he listed the toppings.  Here we go:  Roasted Garlic, Chicken, Prosciutto, Caramelized Onions, Roasted Red Peppers, Kalamata Olives, and Goat Cheese.  Just thinking about this made my mouth water.  I got to imagining what that pizza would look like.

I’d make my own dough using honey rather than sugar.  Once it was ready to worked, I’d spread it out by fingers and make it only a roughly circular shape.  I’d spread it lightly with olive oil then put it on the grill briefly on both sides so it set up nicely.  Then I’d place all the ingredients on it and put it back on the grill on a piece of foil to keep it from burning too badly.  I’d leave on a closed-top grill until the cheese was completely melted and bubbling.  Once it was done, only a few minutes, out it comes, chop it into roughly equal pieces and eat.

Alternatively, I’d used naan bread and make individual pizzas.  I suppose a light tomato sauce would work well with this pizza.  I’d also consider a white garlic sauce to set off the colors of the toppings as well as the flavors.  Another thing that could be done would be to puree the roasted red peppers and use that as the sauce.  Something different to think about.

So while I was thinking all this (and getting my friend’s permission to use his pizza idea for the blog), I was making dinner for the family.  I had chicken thighs and not much else in mind.  After thinking about grilling pizza, I knew I didn’t have enough time to make pizza dough and nothing around for a good substitute.  But I had grilling in mind so I decided, okay, I’ll grill the chicken.  That problem solved but what else to have with it?

I suppose since I was thinking Italian, pasta salad came to mind.  So what I did was boil up some fettuccine that I broke in half.  I rough chopped some onions and minced some garlic.  I went to the garden and got some fresh basil leaves and some lemon balm leaves.  I then took some Brussels sprouts and cut them into quarters.  While the pasta was draining and cooling (I didn’t worry about sticking because of what I was going to do with it), I heated some oil in a large skillet on a low heat.  When the oil was hot but not sizzling hot, I added the onion, garlic and sautéed them slowly, just enough to release their flavor without really cooking them too much.  I nuked the Brussels sprouts while this was going on so they were tender to the bite, but still firm and set them aside.  When the onions and garlic were ready, I put the pasta into the skillet and tossed it around to get it well coated with the oil and garlic and onions.  I turned the heat off and added the basil and lemon balm which I’d cut in chiffonade style.  Then I added the sprouts and stirred the whole mess around to get everything well coated and seasoned.  Then I put all this in a bowl and chilled it for about an hour and a half.  When we were ready to eat, I grilled the chicken until it was done, then pulled it off the grill.  I took the salad out of the fridge and sprinkled it with parmesan cheese and sunflower seeds.  I wanted another crunch factor but dammit! didn’t have croutons.  I did have herb flavored stuffing mix, so guess what?  A handful of stuffing mix went on top, too.

Well, as always happens when I’m thinking along creative lines, while I was fixing the pasta salad, I got a sweet tooth.  I keep everything on hand most of the time for a quick cake, or cookies, those kinds of things.  So I thought, I’d love chocolate chip cookies.  Oh, man, I didn’t want to stand in the kitchen for an hour baking batch after batch of those things.  Ding!  Light went on!  I made the cookies straight, no additions, no substitutions, no a la Joe.  I took the stiff dough and spread it out evenly on a half-sized baking sheet that I’d sprayed with Pam (butter flavor, cuz, well, it’s butter flavored, you know?)  I used my hands to help the spreading and started from the center and worked my way to the edges.  I baked it at the normal temp but added several minutes to make certain that it got done.  When I pulled it out, I had a giant rectangular chocolate chip cookie.  I let it cook completely then “cut” it into bars with the edge of a metal spatula by pressing the spatula into the cookie without using a cutting motion.  I’ve noticed on these aluminum pans that cutting into something on them even with a dull knife will leave deep gouges and scratches from the knife, particularly when it’s hot or warm.

So!  Dinner last night was grilled chicken, pasta salad, and chocolate chip cookies.  All inspired by Bob’s Pizza!  I have no idea how my mind works.



  1. I was completely satisfied with my dinner tonight until I read those first 2 paragraphs … totally hungry again

    • Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Brooklyn, they all deliver!

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