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I’m a writer.  I usually have several projects in the works at any given moment (this blog counts as one of them).  When people learn that’s what I do, they’re usually fascinated by it.  Somewhere among the first three questions that get asked is “Where do you get your ideas?”  (In case you’re wondering, the other two are “What kind of stories do you write?” and “Have I read any of your stuff?”)  I usually tell them I get my ideas all around me.

It works the same way with cooking.  When I tell people about things I make, I nearly always get asked “How’d you come up with that?”  Ideas are a dime a dozen (as I tell those people who want to work in partnership with my writing because they have a great idea for a book.)  They truly are.  Ideas, or inspiration, for a new recipe are found everywhere.  Sometimes, I’m inspired by the placement of the vegetables in the grocery store.

Here’s a great example.  I recently came across this picture on the ‘net.

Avacdo Caprese.jpg


There was no recipe or instructions, just the name of the dish.  It was called Avocado Caprese Salad on Toast.

Okay, I know what avocado is.  I know what caprese salad is.  Looking more closely at the picture, I was sure I saw egg yolk flowing down adding richness to the dish which led me to believe they put a sunnyside up fried egg on there.  Given that, I thought, what about a couple of pieces of Canadian bacon, or thin sliced ham?  Here’s the recipe that I developed from the picture.

Caprese Salad on Toast with Avocado

  • One ripe avocado mashed
  • One cup small tomatoes (grape or cherry) cut in halves
  • One half cup mozzarella cut into cubes or balls cut in halves
  • Several fresh basil leaves cut in chiffonade fashion
  • Two Tablespoons Olive Oil
  • One Tablespoon Balsamic Vinegar (or other tasty vinegar)
  • Eight pieces of Canadian Bacon, seared
  • Four eggs fried sunnyside up with runny yolks
  • Four slices of thickish rustic bread toasted or grilled

An hour before assembling the sandwiches, make the caprese salad by putting the tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, olive oil, and vinegar in a bowl and stirring.  Chill for one hour, no more.

Toast or grill bread slices, and set one slice on each of four plates.

Mash avocado and divide equally over toast and spread.

Fry Canadian bacon and place two slices overlapping a bit to cover avocado, leaving some avocado showing.

Fry eggs and place on top of bacon.

Spoon caprese salad evenly over each sandwich.

Serve immediately.

They’re very very good, and very very easy.  And it all came from a random picture and title I stumbled across on the ‘net.


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