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Hello! and how is everyone?  The blog has been chugging along for quite a while now, and I thought I’d take a moment to go over the reasons I stared it and some of my self-imposed rules.  I’ve noticed throughout my life that some of the more dramatic and funniest times have occurred in and around food.  Most of the stories I told while sitting around drinking with friends involved food in some form.  Someone finally suggested that I should be writing these stories down.  Instead of telling them out loud.  All the damn time.

So, there was born the germ of an idea that sat idle for a while until partner/spouse said that it would be a good idea to write the stories and add the recipes to the stories.  I latched onto that and started listing all the funny stories I could think of and it kept growing.  In the middle of all that, the blog was born.

Writing a blog is a labor of love.  Unless people actually respond, the blogger has no idea if anyone is really reading their work.  Most blog hosting sites have a way to see statistics, but that doesn’t really give a real world indication.  So it’s difficult to tell if what you’re writing is what people want to read, or just a giant exercise in self indulgence.

Apart from that, writing a blog, for me, is daily practice in writing.  I get to try different styles and different choices without a real penalty except a cost in time.

I started the blog with a commitment to write it three times a week, every Mon-Wed-Fri.  I also wanted to add a recipe on a separate page for each blog post.  Additionally, I wanted to add a story on a separate page at least once a month.  I wanted to make each post about 500 words long, and I wanted to try to select food subjects that would engage my readers and start discussion.  Some of that happened and some didn’t.  But through the months, I’ve gotten enough encouragement to keep plugging away.

So, I’m keeping it up, every M-W-F with additions on the weekend as the come.  I’m adding recipes in the posts rather than separately since it hasn’t been a big attraction to have them separately.  The posts have come in around 1000 words each time, for the most part, and I’ll struggle to keep at that.  I’ll also do my best to keep the posts engaging and funny.  But my sense of humor may be slightly different from anyone else’s.  I will also keep attaching my posts to my Facebook page, and any reader who wants to friend me there is welcome to.  I’ve also added an email address that I’m trying to figure out how to make public in the best way possible.  For any who want to contact me off the blog or off FB, I can be reached at  Caps not necessary.

On your part, please, comment often, ask questions, take part in the blog.  Make suggestions, volunteer to guest blog, help me make this more fun for you.  A like on FB for a blog post is great, but doesn’t show up on the blog itself.

Now on to the real work of the blog.

Who doesn’t like sandwiches?  On Food Network a couple of years ago, the guy who won the Food Network Star competition was known as the Sandwich King.  Loads of people like sandwiches.  The legend is that the Earl of Sandwich invented the beastie when he didn’t want to take time away from a card game to eat.  Partner/Spouse often says that for me a sandwich is simply a vehicle to transport cheese to my mouth.  But this recipe is one that I’ve like for a long time.

  1. 1 pound skirt steak or chopped steak cut into half inch strips
  2. 1 medium onion, sliced thinly
  3. 2 large sandwich rolls, cut in half lengthways
  4. 3-4 tablespoons of butter
  5. 1-2 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce (optional)

Heat 1 tablespoon of butter in a medium to large skillet and add onion.  When brown, remove onion to a bowl.  In same pan, sauté the steak until well browned.  Add onion and remaining butter.  Simmer over low heat until meat is tender, adding Worcestershire sauce if desired.  Tabasco can also be added if you want.   Turn heat to very low, brown the rolls on a hot griddle with butter until surfaces are toasted nicely.  Once the buns are ready, divide meat between the two rolls adding any extra sauce if desired.  The sandwiches are great as is, but can be dressed up with shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, fresh salsa, melted cheese, whatever you like.


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