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And a little more.

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July, celebrated in America as Independence Day!  For some reason, this holiday, more than any other makes me wax nostalgic.  Part of it, I suppose, is that it marked the beginning of our Family Holiday Season.  The 4th was always special to us because Dad was a Marine so celebrating the 4th was celebrating him and what he did.  Shortly after that, in early August is my older sister’s birthday.  Then a couple of weeks later near the end of August, it was my birthday (yeah, just in time for school to start.)  Right after all the hullabaloo of the start of school subsided and the daily grind/boredom set in, it was my brother’s birthday.  Then Columbus Day, then Halloween.  Just as the last of the Halloween candy disappeared, it was Thanksgiving, then the long stretch into the best holiday a kid could ever have, Christmas!  New Year’s Day ended the holiday season, and we seldom saw cake until Memorial Day.

As a kid, Independence Day was always celebrated with a cook out.  The day started with a parade, moved into a picnic/cook out, and ended with fireworks.  Even as we grew older, as other things changed (no parade, and not so much emphasis on fireworks) the cook out remained writ in stone.  What was cooked varied year to year.  When we were little, and less sophisticated, hamburgers and hotdogs ruled.  That segued into barbequed chicken, then steaks and finally grilled veggies.  My sister is hosting the bash tomorrow.  We’re having hamburgers and hot dogs.  I’m making the hamburger buns and hot dog buns.  And barbequed beans.  That’s what I want to talk about right now.

I start with a pot of pinto beans.  2 cups of beans that have been rinsed and put into 2 quarts of water to soak overnight.  Dump the soaking water, refill until the water covers the beans by about one inch.  Add about a tablespoon of salt (taste later and adjust)(if too salty, add a little lemon to reduce the saltiness), two whole cloves of garlic, and a cup of chopped onions.  I’ve used dried minced garlic and onion, but you don’t get the same fresh flavor.  Turn the heat on high until the water is boiling, then reduce and allow to simmer for an hour.  Add any kind of meat you like, but I typically use pork, mostly bacon.  The meat is to add flavor, but some people don’t add meat at all.  Sometimes, I don’t.  It really depends on my mood.  Let the beans simmer for about another hour.  Test the beans for doneness in two ways.  First, take one bean out in a spoon and blow gently on it.  The skin should separate from the bean easily.  If not, simmer for another 20 minutes and try again.  If the skin separates, bite the bean gently.  It should be firm, but soft to the bite.  NOT MUSHY!  By this time, most of the cooking liquid should be absorbed into the beans.  Stir the beans around to allow some to break open and thicken the stock.  Turn the heat off and allow to cool for an hour.  Once the beans have cooled somewhat, add 1 cup of barbeque sauce (any will do), 1/2 a cup of ketchup (any will do), a large squirt of yellow mustard (if you like it), and 1/4 to 1/3 cup of dark brown sugar.  Stir into the beans until well combined, then cover and put into a low oven, no higher than 300.  Cook until the sauce thickens up, about an hour or so.  Check for doneness, cool slightly (they will be HOT), then serve ’em up.  Good stuff!  Enjoy!

Now for the Quiz  Answers!!  Yay!!

1) Where was Apple Pie invented?  England.  Yup, don’t argue.

2) Which two countries lay claim to inventing the hamburger?  U.S. and Germany.  Germany lays claim through the owner of White Castle who says he developed the first burger in Germany before coming to the U.S.

3) Where was pizza invented?  Naples, Italy.  I’ve been there.  The pizza is the best I’ve ever had.  EVER.

4) Where did modern fried chicken as we know it today originate?  In the U.S., in the South.  It had deeper origins in Africa, but not the modern version that we know today.  That was a southern tradition.

5) Where were fluffy biscuits invented?   Here in the U.S.  Another thing called biscuits was invented in England, but those are more like cookies (and today actually are cookies) and are not fluffy.

6) What country made the first BLT?  U.S.  Yay, us!  Love those things!

7) Who invented the French Fry?  Oddly enough, Belgium.  While fried potatoes have been around for centuries in many different countries, the French Fry as we know it was a Belgium invention.

8) Although closely associated with this particular country, Mac and Cheese was NOT invented where?  Here.  Pasta and cheese has been around for hundreds of years and no really know exactly where it started.  Some say France, others say Italy, still others say Atlantis.

9)  Where was the pancake invented?  Greece.  ‘Nuff said.

10) Which immigrants brought pastrami to the America?  The Romanians.  Along with many other goodies too numerous to name.

Who got a 100%?


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