Post # 135 A Fun Filled Food Quiz

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Really!  This will just be a little fun to see what we think we know about where foods come from.  Since we’re coming up on the Fourth of July, the American Independence Day, it’s just a little bit of fun!  Oh, and before I go much further, just a heads up.  I will be away from my desk this coming weekend, and no electronic devices will be within reach.  So the posts for Friday 7/5 and Monday 7/8 will not occur.  Sorry, and I know you’ll miss me, but hang on.  I promise to be back soon!

So!  On to the quiz!  (see how many you can get before you run to Google or Bing)

1) Where was Apple Pie invented?

2) Which two countries lay claim to the invention of the hamburger?

3) Where was pizza invented, city and country please?

4) Where did modern fried chicken as we know it come from?

5) Where were the fluffy bites of deliciousness known as biscuits originate?

6) What country made the first BLT?

7) Which country invented the French Fry?  (hint: not France)

8) Although closely associated with this particular country, Mac and Cheese was NOT invented where?

9) Which country can lay claim to the first pancake?

10) Which immigrants brought pastrami to America?

The answers and more food info on Wednesday!!


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