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My phone rang about 8 pm yesterday.  It was a number I didn’t recognize, and typically I ignore those.  But I answered this one and was happy I did.  It was my next door neighbor.  She was in a bind and needed a baby sitter for the three kids for today.  I’ve met the kids; I like the neighbor; I didn’t have anything really important planned.  So I said sure.  We talked about it for several minutes then hung up.  Then a cold wind blew through my soul.  I absolutely did not want to babysit.  The oldest was the little girl at five.  The youngest was the littlest boy at three.  3, 4, and 5 years old.  What had I done?

They showed up at the door at 6:30 a.m.  As you know, if you’ve read this blog at all in the past, I’m up anywhere between 5 and 5:30 because of the dogs.  So I was ready with a long itinerary.   It lasted until about 8 a.m.

Not really.  I wanted the kids to sleep a little more since it was so early, but they were too wound up.  So I said, let’s do breakfast.  Cereal and milk.  It’s easy.  We ate outside because that’s what they wanted to do.  Breakfast took about ten minutes.  Whee.  The next scheduled activity was going to the park to play and visit the ducks.  We were supposed to get a ride from my sister (who was laughing up her sleeve at me) at 9.  By 8, with so much energy to burn, I said, to heck with it, let’s go now.  The park is about 1/3 of a mile from our house right up the street.  My FiL came with us to help corral the kids.  I was very grateful.

We spent a couple of hours at the park playing on swings, looking at ducks, climbing waterfalls, drinking water, and eating fruit bites.  Thank God for sugar!  We walked home slowly, stopping for water and rest breaks.  As soon as we got home, it was popsicles all around!  Then indoors to that wonderful machine, the DVD player!  Disney is a wonderful company for keeping kids occupied.  Unfortunately, lunchtime was still quite a while away, and hunger pangs were starting.

Hey!  Cheezits in small individual packs!  The end of the movie and lunch.  Neighbor sent over cheese and bread for grilled cheese sandwiches, but the kids were interested in that.  PBJ or chocolate cake, that was all they wanted.  So it was PBJ and lemonade while we talked about a chocolate cake.

Waaaaaaay back a long time ago, I posted about Jennifer’s Grandmother’s Chocolate Vinegar Cake.  The recipe is in the list at the right side.  And I knew that would be the exact thing to make.  I asked the kids if they wanted to help.  Guess what the answer was?

And guess how long it took to make a cake that goes together in five minutes?  Forty-five minutes to be exact.  Then there was the clean up.  Not the dishes.  I clean as I go.  Chocolate cake batter all over faces and hands and hair and clothes.  Then another movie as the cake baked.  Here’s the result:


In case you can’t tell, all three kids and two dogs have crashed on the couch.  The movie is still running but you wouldn’t know it from this group.  And shortly after that:

chocolate cake

Jennifer’s Grandmother’s Chocolate Vinegar Cake.  Fresh out of the oven and looking fine!  After the movie was over and the cake cooled enough, the chocolaty faces which had been cleaned so long ago were once again rimmed with chocolate from forehead to chin.

Once again to the couch, and naps, and movies.  I felt bad that I was force-feeding them movies, but I couldn’t think of anything else short of destroying the house.

I had the kids from 6:30am to 5 pm.  I was happy to help my neighbor; I was happy to teach the kids to cook; I was happy to have the kids with me.  BUT, I developed a renewed appreciation for moms everywhere for doing this day in and day out.  It should change from Mother’s Day to Mother’s Month!

Partner/spouse brought me industrial strength chocolate.  Every person supporting a mom with kids should do the same thing!

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