Post # 120 What the Heck Happened Here?

May 22, 2013 at 1:43 PM | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments

For anyone who’s read my blog with any kind of regularity, that must be the question.  I had to scale back; I promised to post twice a week; made one more post; then disappeared!  All I can say is “Ooops!”

The last month and a half has been very challenging for my time management.  The first thing that occurred is that my partner/spouse hurt his back seriously and required surgery.  But surgery didn’t come immediately because worker’s comp got involved and the doctor there tried to treat it as a strain.  When all the scans were done, it turned out to be three herniated discs in his lower back.  He could not do anything without screaming.  It got to the point where he needed assistance in dressing.  He tried going to work every day which meant that I needed to drive him.   I was also taking him to his various medical appointment.  On top of that, I was trying to do my normal daily tasks, etc.

My sister live a couple of houses down from us, and she’s going through chemotherapy for breast cancer right now.  I try to see her each day to find out if there’s anything they need help with, etc.  Lots of times, I’ll cook up something so her husband doesn’t have to worry about making dinner.  Like me, he’s the primary cook in their family.

I’ve started work on my second and third novels.  One is the second in a small series of novels, and the other is a ghost story aimed at 12-13 year olds.  So I’m writing several hours a day.  In addition to that, I’m constantly looking for publishers or agents who want to take me on as a client.  That takes time for internet searches as I try to get to know the agents and editors that are suggested to me.  Then I have to put together the packet of info they want.

Then events happening throughout the country take my attention as I read other blogs, post comments, write guest articles.  I constantly read to improve my craft, writing and cooking.  I constantly write, cuddle the dogs, chase dust bunnies, etc.  There were a couple of other things happening that I’m not at liberty to talk about, too.

Sounds like I’m complaining, but I’m not.  I love my life and would hate to live any other way.  I just wanted to let both of you know why there haven’t been any updates for a while.  However, GOOD NEWS!!

Partner/Spouse’s surgery went exceptionally well.  I’m still driving him, but he’s improving every single day.  As he puts it “The truck that I feel like hit me gets smaller every day.”  Once he’s able to drive himself, maybe next week, I’ll have more time.  Also, the house is cleaned from top to bottom.  So now, it’s just maintenance.  (BTW – it got dusty and dirty while I was ill and with partner/spouse home and allergic to dust, cleaning just wasn’t done.)  Things are just getting a little easier.

With that being said, regular posts to re-begin starting Monday the 27th.  Once again, every Mon-Wed-Fri will bring new posts.  Short stories to be posted once a month.  If anyone has a suggestion for a topic, wants to guest post, or just say hi, please feel free to contact me.  Take care and, as always, enjoy!


  1. What DO you do with all the free hours in your day? ;-p

    • Sit around in a housedress, eating chocolate bonbons, reading trashy novels, and letting my looks go. You?

      • Oh, totally the same. That’s why we get along. You forgot watching trashy daytime dramas, though.

      • Oh, no ma’am. I write those!

  2. Yes I remember the egg post, was thinking of pancakes, waffles, grits, biscuits and that sort of stuff. I know we love wine, maybe Sangrias, Margaitas or something like that for the summer… Just some ideas…

    • Good ideas all! I did a Sangria post last July, so maybe I’ll do homemade wine coolers on Friday for the upcoming weekend! Sound good?

  3. Glad to know all things are going back to normal. I look forward to your posts. Have you ever thought about doing a post about drinks, or breakfast?

    • Actually, I did an entire week on eggs alone, and have talked about wine quite a bit. Since this weekend is the official start of summer, I could look at lemonade and stuff. Thanks!

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