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I haven’t done a restaurant review for a while so I thought I’d correct that by telling you about two restaurants here that we like and go to all the time.  One is locally owned and both have some of the best food we’ve had.

The first is called Melt: A Sandwich Joint.  They’re only opened for breakfast and lunch, and only Monday thru Saturday.  Ordinarily, when a business isn’t open on Sunday, I tend not to patronize them the rest of the week for personal reasons.  After I found out why this place wasn’t open on Sunday, I was okay with it.  Again, personal reasons.  It’s a hole-in-the-wall kind of place, and the times we’ve been there, a/c was non-existent.  The high ceilings and fans work hard to keep the place cool, but it does get uncomfortably warm.  All that being said, the character of the place and the people also work overtime to make this a unique experience.

The food is tremendous, inexpensive, high quality, and lots for your bucks.  They have two types of sandwiches:  cold ones, and hot ones.  All are made fresh and made to order.  I’ve had three Philadelphias and had them different ways each time with no trouble.  Partner/Spouse has tried three different sandwiches and all three have exceeded expectations.

See, that’s what’s key in these kinds of places.  What are your expectations when you go in, and how well are they met?  This place has a lot going for it.  It’s inviting, it’s delicious, it’s affordable.  It’s amusing in that it named all it’s sandwiches after cities.  It serves portions you can actually eat, rather than build a sandwich only a snake with unhinged jaws can get it’s teeth around.  It’s a charmer.

The other restaurant is called My Big Fat Greek Restaurant.  Yep, it’s a play on that movie title.  And what you suppose?  It serves Greek food!  I love Greek food.  Oh, hell, I love most foods.  But Greek food is a stand out.  I love the Mediterranean influence.  Tzitziki sauce is something I could dive into and not come up for air until it was all gone.  Gyros (it’s pronounced yeeros, but call it whatever you like) is one of the best sandwiches on the planet, and when you take it apart and make a salad out of it, it gets even better!

They have an appetizer where they take a chunk of Greek cheese and heat it on a sizzling platter.  They serve it on that platter but once it’s at your table, they pour ouzo over it and set it on fire with shouts of “Opa!”  I always feel a little silly with the shouting, but the cheese tastes amazing!  They also have flame cooked pizza, various pastas, etc.  If there’s one in your town, I recommend you try it.

Well, enjoy the rest of the day.  I’m off to make cookies.  Take care!


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