Post # 108 Veggies From the Garden – Part 2

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This weekend was an incredibly busy weekend.  We bought a ton of plant and garden stuff and then worked like dogs to get the backyard and garden to the point we wanted them.  We were almost 100% successful.  We got the pergola up and placed and braced.  We got the ramada and sitting area together.  We built a bench; built chair for outdoor seating; moved our 260 year old English tavern table to the pergola; we repaired said table so it can be used as an outside table; we planted pots and pots of plants to prettify the areas.

In the midst of all this, I also worked on what I wanted to do with the garden.  I told you already about starting cherry tomatoes from seeds.  It was time to separate the seedlings and put them in starter pots.  According to the instructions, I was supposed to weed through the plants pick the strongest and most viable.  They all looked strong and viable.  After several minutes of separating, I finally decided to put two or three plants per starter pot.  Here’s the result:

cherry tomato

Four of those pots are going into my garden.  Two are going to my sister.  The final two are going to the next door neighbor who’s never raised crops before and is excited about it.  I’m actually excited about it, too.  This is the first time I’ve raised tomatoes from seeds.  In addition to the cherry tomatoes, which are my favorites, I bought two beefsteak tomato plants to supplement the tomato crop and provide some variety.

beefsteak tomato


I also started some jalapeno seeds this weekend.  Since the little tin I grew the tomato seedlings in was now empty, I put dirt and seeds in it to see what would happen.  I’ll keep you posted.


A couple of weeks ago, I bought a bunch of seeds to plant.  I got carrots, radishes, cilantro, purple tomatillos, beans, sugar peas, and a bunch of herbs.  I’ve got a problem, though.  We have a puppy who eats everything in sight.  EVERYTHING!!  When I grew tomatoes in OKC, he ate the tomato plants.  He’s already eaten on of the plants out of one of the pots we worked on over the weekend.  So I have to put a fence around the garden area.  We’ve got it ordered and it should be here in a couple of days.  I’ll get busy planting after the fence is up.

In the meantime, I bought a couple of herb plants so we could enjoy them quickly.  We bought a tri-color sage and broadleaf basil.



I love mint.  A LOT!  One of my pots is trying to start spearmint, but I’m not certain it’s working.  I bought an unusual mint and put it into a hanging pot on the carport.  It’s a chocolate mint.  It has the wonderful mint scent and flavor with a subtle undertone of chocolate.  I don’t know how that works or what it’s going to taste like, but I can’t wait till it matures.

chocolate mint

Another herb I got that I’ve had before is lemon balm.  If you have an opportunity to grow this, do it!  It’s got an amazing lemon flavor and is chock full of vitamins.  I use it in salads, salad dressing, teas, water flavoring, etc.  The thing to remember about any mint (lemon balm is considered a mint) is that they are prolific growers and will take over an entire bed.  Don’t plant these anywhere they can grow beyond borders of their bed.  Keep them in pots and when they send tendrils outside the pot, cut the tendrils off and use them in something.  Or put them in a glass of water until they root and give them away as gifts.

lemon balm

So, in a few more days the garden will be fenced and planted and ready to give us wonderful foodstuffs.  Can’t wait.

We worked our butts off this weekend and were successful in getting everything done we wanted to.  Today, we are experiencing a major wind storm.  So far, there are only two casualties.  The first is a solar light with plastic dragonflies.  They twinkle and look like fireflies and are pretty.  Partner/Spouse put them on top of the pergola and they came down.  However, only the plastic rock they were set in broke so I’m hopeful that the lights will work this evening.  The other was the chocolate mint.  It was hanging in a nice plastic pot on the carport looking all picturesque and the wind knocked it down and shattered the plastic pot.  The mint is fine, so all I have to do is get another, better, hanging pot.

Apart from that, it’s a windy dirty day. But the garden has moved forward and I’m a happy camper.




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