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There are a lot of milestones in blogging.  The first post, the first comment, the first time your number of hits surpasses your expectations.  The one year anniversary of a blog is a big one.  Another big one is the 100th post.  I thought I’d take a minute and tell you some things I learned from blogging over the past several months, and let you know what to expect in the upcoming 100 posts.

I started this blog for a lot of reasons and all of them selfish.  But I would bet that’s not so unusual in the world of blogging since blogging is all about one person writing whatever they want to and hoping people will read and respond.  Blogging is all about “me” and “my opinion” with input from readers.  One thing I learned as I wrote more posts was that I was more interested in giving out good information in a fun and friendly manner than in just racking up a bunch of blog posts.

When I was first given the idea of doing a blog by Partner/Spouse it was an evolution of an idea that he had given me earlier.  See, I like to write, and I like to tell stories, and I like to make people laugh.  What I want is to be a novelist and in the course of the past 100 posts, I’ve actually completed my first novel, and started on my second and third.  I also write short stories but hadn’t been doing that for quite a while.  Then one evening, Partner/Spouse said, “I think you should write down all these funny stories you keep telling about food and put them in a book.  But at the end of each story you should put the recipe for the food in story.”

I sat back in amazement at how simple the idea was but how effective it was.  It took me some time, but I blocked out ideas for about two dozen stories, then started writing them.  I wanted to get the stories completed before I wrote out the recipes because, for me, that was the important part of the project.  I was about halfway finished with writing the stories when another friend posted something on Facebook about using all the different knives in her knife set.  She was surprised that each knife served a different purpose, although many could be used for multiple purposes.  She wrote “Who knew?”  So I commented and said, “I knew.”  She replied saying she wasn’t the least bit surprised, and why wasn’t I sharing all my knowledge with my friends?

About the same time, I read a review of a book that I eventually ended up buying called How To Blog a Book.  I’m constantly looking for ways to break into the publishing industry.  This showed how to create a blog that would stand out and get noticed, and gave several examples of blogs that had been turned into not only books but successful television series and movies.  The short story/cookbook idea lent itself to that perfectly to blogging.  I had a lot of grand ideas at the beginning, but scaled back at the start as I got used to blogging and the commitment to blogging.

One of the things that the blog has done for me is helped me get used to writing on a regular schedule.  Knowing that I have to write something every Monday and Wednesday and Friday, even though those are self-imposed deadlines showed me not only that I could do it without much hassle, but it also showed me how to do it without much hassle.  Also, as long as I’m committed to the blog, my family is committed to the blog and respect the work time I put into it.  The only thing I refused to commit to time-wise was a specific time each day to publish.  I wanted some flexibility, hence the odd hours when posts appear.

Initially, I was going to post three times a week, with a recipe at least once a week.  The recipes were going to be tied to a specific post and be on separate pages so people could look through a list of recipes for what they were looking for and then look back at the post for any tips or more detail about the recipe.  I was also going to post one food related story each month, again on a separate page for those who simply wanted to read the stories and not worry about the food.  I’ve fallen way behind on the stories, and haven’t lived up to the ideals I set for myself for the recipes.  Well, that’s going to change.

In the upcoming weeks, you’ll see changes coming to the blog.  It will still retain the informal, fun (I hope) style, but I will go back to less lengthy posts and separate recipes.  I’m also going to follow some other food blogs and invite them to follow me back.  You’ll see my list of favorite blogs start to grow.  I may also add advertising.

I’ve been getting a GREAT DEAL of spam on this site from commercial porn sites, and lending sites.  I’m going to work to get rid of them somehow.  But I’d also like to see more comments and discussion going on.  I’m going to look around for a way to make comments easier.  I’m also going to find a way to put a link to my email account for those who would like to contact me directly.  Not sure how that will work yet.  I’m also going to start using tags and categories in case anyone is interested in searching through the old posts without having to look at each post individually.

So, there it is.  I hope the changes will be helpful.  As always, if there is ever something that you want to know about, or a post you want to know more about, please let me know.  Thanks and Enjoy!

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