Post # 98 Kitchen Nightmares pt 2 – The Method

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Okay, who remembers this picture?


For those who don’t, several weeks ago I explained the trials and tribulations of blending four households worth of stuff.  Two areas where it was the worst were the kitchen and the books.  Well, I’m thrilled to report that the book situation has been dealt with.  Every single book we own in every single box (and there were a LOT) has been sorted and is now on a bookshelf or in a bag to be donated.  There are NO MORE book boxes in this house.  Cue Kermit T. Frog screaming “Yay!” as he flails his arms.  Or flippers, or whatever it is he has.

So, why not the kitchen first?  Who knows?  I just chose one and did it.  However, I came up with a plan to sort the kitchen on an ongoing basis.  And here it is.

To get the books cleared away, I stacked every box of books in the bedroom so they’d be in the way and a constant reminder that something had to be done.  Today, I will be stacking the six or eight boxes of kitchen stuff (I honestly don’t recall how many boxes there are, but I think it’s six) in the living room.  Again, in the way, and a constant reminder that something has to be done.

In the meantime, that mess of a drawer in the photo above?  That’s the drawer where I shoved all the spoons, spatulas, wire whisks, etc. that we’ve come to own over the course of the last five and a half years together.   I’m a firm believer in having a backup.  Goes back to my computer tech days.  Plus, things wear out; wooden spoons break; knives get dull and can’t be re-sharpened.  So here’s what I’ve been doing.  It’s a three drawer system that includes a kitchen tool holder.

First, there’s the Drawer full of stuff as seen above.  If anyone needs to find something, that’s the first place to look.  Then there’s the silverware drawer.

kitchen 03

This is the primary drawer and is self-explanatory.  Those things we used several times a day are in this drawer.  That’s a bamboo divider, by the way.  Totally cool.  We love it.

Next, is the Sorting Drawer.  Any of those utensils that are used often enough to be awkward when stored in The Drawer are placed in the Sorting Drawer.  It’s the drawer just above The Drawer (every time I type that or say that it has a very ominous sound.)

kitchen 05

What this accomplishes is letting me know what gets used often and what should I do with it?  It can either go to the silverware drawer if it gets used several times a day, or it can go to the Kitchen Tool Holder.

kitchen 04

This is one of those things that no kitchen should be without.  Mine is on a wooden spinner so I can turn it to find what I need, but I never turn it since everything is in line of sight.  I put those things that are used about once a day.  Wooden spatulas, wooden spoons, rubber spatulas, salad tossers, etc.  are all in this thing.  It’s handy, practical, out of the way, but I don’t have to search when I need a wooden spoon to stir gravy or something.

What this system does for me is allows me to see at a glance what I use often enough to keep, and what is extraneous.  In another few weeks, when I’ve run this system for two months, I’ll empty The Drawer and decided what I really want to keep.  I’ve got wooden spoons in The Drawer that are in their pristine condition, never once sullied by any foodstuff of any kind.  I’ll likely keep them, because wooden spoons break eventually and why buy new ones when I’ve already got new ones?  But those old fondue forks wrapped in newspaper to keep them from skewering anyone?  Those can go.

So that’s the method.  In the meantime, today the boxes of kitchen items that are outside come inside.  I will open one every other day or so, and with luck will be through them by the end of the weekend.  I will have to either find storage for the stuff, or donate it.  There’s some stuff I’m keeping regardless (anything in cast iron, for instance) and there’s stuff that we have two or even three of.

People often ask how we came to accumulate so much stuff.  There are really two reasons.  The first is that we blended four households when we came together and the kitchen stuff is the result.  The second reason is that with so much stuff in boxes (and it’s been that way for us almost from the start) lots of times when we’re looking for something like, say, a crock pot, it’s often easier to just go buy a twenty dollar crock pot than to search through several boxes to find the one we know we have but don’t where it is.

With a little perseverance and luck, in a week or so the kitchen will be sorted out and I’ll be able to not only report success but show pictures of a great looking kitchen!  Wish me luck!

UPDATE:  Okay!  There were eight boxes, fairly large, marked “kitchen.”  I put them in the living room yesterday.  Today I emptied them all out.  Turns out that the things we had already donated were the only things to be donated.  We had done a huge amount of donating before moving here, so I guess I was still thinking of those things.   So now everything is out of boxes, and most of them are put away.  There are still a few things left to find spots for.  So!  What’s the next step in my kitchen nightmare?  Next on the agenda is relax.  I have to wait for the dishwasher to finish up so I can put stuff away, but after that I’m going to wait for things to settle down a bit.  I’m going to re-evaluate the shelf structure in both the kitchen and laundry and determine if any modifications need to be made.  Then I tackle The Drawer.  Once it’s straightened out, I’ll have more room to put things away and hopefully be done with the kitchen stuff.  Wow!  Books and kitchen done.  Never thought that would happen!  Take care and enjoy!


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