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I like lemon pie.  I like the gummy lemon paste pie you can get from Dolly Madison with Charlie Brown and Lucy Van Pelt on the wrapper.  I like the fried lemon pie I got once in Oklahoma.  I like the wafer thin lemon pie you get in many diners.  I like lemon flavored cheesecake.  I like lemon curd that can be baked into coffee cakes.  I like lemon meringue pie in almost any form.  I just really like lemon pie.

My favorite is Mile High Lemon Pie and the best recipe is from Cook’s Country (link below.)  It makes the best lemon pie ever!  I made it for a dear friend’s birthday once a few years ago.  It was easy, and made a pie that tasted amazing with a cooked egg white topping that tasted as good as marshmallows!  My only complaint was that the recipe was almost too tart.  Good stuff, let me tell you.

Years ago, my brother was married to a young woman who liked to try her hand at different things, to stretch herself, experiment with something new, learn new things.  I always admire her fearlessness in that respect.  One summer day, she announced she was going to make a lemon meringue pie.

“From scratch.” she said.

We had lemon trees in the backyard, along with various other citrus trees, so I jokingly said, “Yeah?  You going to take the lemons off the tree?”

She rallied to the challenge and replied, “Of course!  I’m squeezing the lemons, baking the crust, everything!”

My mouth started watering.  Like I said, I love lemon pie!

“When are you doing this?” Mom asked.

“How about Sunday?”

I said, “That’s great.  I’ll make burgers and dogs on the grill.  That’ll be the dessert.”

Suddenly we all got into the spirit of the thing, and the lemon pie was going to be the feature of a great Sunday barbeque.

I don’t know what all she went through, because she made the pie at her house.  She and my brother and their two kids came over early in the afternoon to swim and play and have a good time.  The pie looked amazing!  It could have been taken right out of a magazine.

“Wow!  That looks really good!” I said.  “Have much trouble making it?”

“I’ve never made one before.” she said.  “Apart from that, it wasn’t too bad.”

I took the pie from her and put it in the fridge.  It didn’t feel too heavy, the meringue didn’t slide around, even the lemon filling felt like it had set properly.

“I can hardly wait to eat it.” I told her.

We had a fun, relaxing afternoon, and Dad and I got the grill ready.  Everyone stuffed themselves with burgers, hot dogs, potato chips, potato salad, and sodas.  About six, my brother’s wife brought out the pie.

“Everyone ready?”  She started cutting to a rousing cry of approval.  Her smile showed her justifiable pride.

When everyone had a piece, we all dug in.  The crust was flaky and perfect.  The meringue was sweet and delicious.  The lemon filling was tart, sweet, and crunchy.


I looked at my mom who look puzzled, too.  It was a delicious pie, but it shouldn’t have been crunchy.  I looked more closely at the filling and the bits inside it.

“Umm,” I said to her.  “Did you remember to strain the juice before cooking it?”

She looked confused then started to giggle.  She has a unique, high-pitched giggle and at times it’s difficult to tell if she’s amused or embarrassed.  I was pretty sure I knew which she was this time.  “I wondered about that!   I didn’t know why to do that so I skipped it.”

I spit out another lemon seed.  “It’s a great pie, but the crunch factor is a little high.”

We laughed for a long time over that.

Check out the link below for one of the best lemon pies ever!

mile high lemon pie


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