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Several decades ago, people who studied these sorts of things decided that a healthier way to eat was to have several small meals during the day, up to six, rather than three large meals.  What this meant was if you woke up at 6am, you’d eat your first meal at 6:30; your second would be at 9:30; the third would be at 12:30; the fourth would be at 3:30; the fifth would be at 6:30; and the last would be at 9:30.  What you ate at these meals was important because of nutrition and the amount of calories.  The recommended serving size was each portion should be no larger than your tightly clenched fist.  This way, they said, each person would reach their ideal weight and maintain it easily.  I’ve eaten like this almost my whole life.  I actually prefer it, but sometimes due to schedule and agenda, it isn’t always practical.  However, this meal plan builds in snacking and made me a happy camper.

The key to this type of eating is to eat every meal wisely in all aspects.  Nutrition has to be the primary consideration.  Serving size has to be considered.  Fats and sugars and cholesterol and all sorts of things.  Mostly, it takes planning.

Protein sizes really should be no larger than a deck of cards.  If you’ve ever seen a boneless pork chop, that’s about the right size.  Vegetables/fruits should be about twice that size, and starches should be about the same size.  Oils and sugars should be used sparingly if you’re on a specialized diet.

But don’t go crazy.  At some point, a balance has to be struck.

So keeping all that in mind, what are my favorite snacks?  I had one while I was writing this: cold pizza!!  We ordered pizza last night and I had two pieces straight from the fridge.  It was mushroom pizza, good stuff.  Pizza is actually one of the best foods for you if you do it right.  I don’t stress too much over lo-fat cheese.  But I do watch the toppings pretty closely.  The fattier the toppings, the worse the pizza becomes.  Also, the sauce has a big impact.  The best sauce on a pizza is just a straight tomato sauce, with some herbs for flavor.  Tomatoes are so good for you.  My pizza had just mushrooms on it.  Sometimes I’ll put pepperoni on it, but only a half serving.  I’ve seen some people load on the meats and see the pizza swimming in oils and fats from the sausage, hamburger, bacon, and whatever else is on it.  If you can tolerate it, extra garlic is so good for you it defies explanation.

Another favorite snack is PBJ!!  I LOVE the stuff.  It’s particularly good with my homemade bread.  But there is a specific way that I like it.  The peanut butter has to be room temperature and easily spreadable.  The jelly can only be grape; it has to be jam not jelly; and the jelly has to come straight from the fridge and be chilly.  Otherwise, I don’t much like peanut butter.  Weird, huh?

I love toast.  Almost any kind of toast.  And grilled cheese sandwiches which is really just toast with melted cheese.

Another snack I reach for constantly is nuts.  I like cashews, pistachios, sunflower seeds.  There’s really only two nuts I don’t really care for and those are almonds and peanuts.  Peanuts just annoy me for some reason.  Almonds turn to wood slivers in my mouth and have no flavor.

I like chocolate in nearly any form, but try to stay away from it as much as I can.  My six pack turned into a keg years ago and I’m trying to keep the spare tire down to donut size.

I like popcorn.  ‘Nuff said.

I like tomatoes.  A lot.  A vine ripened tomato is better than candy.

Beef jerky is also better than candy.

Dill pickles are also better than candy.

Cold leftover steak is a great snack!!  Trust me.  Don’t heat it up.  Just eat it.

Toasted bagels and cream cheese, great stuff.

My point in all this is that I don’t sit down and eat vast quantities of junk.  Oh!  Hamburgers and fries!  I eat small meals, and I eat healthy.

The body is a learning machine.  When it goes into what it considers starvation mode, it begins to hoard calories.  The way it does that is to produce fat cells and deposit them deep in the body’s core.  Eating only twice or three times a day, the body really thinks it’s starving.  But then we eat, and eat a lot, and starvation is staved off and the glut of calories are converted to fat.  By eating several small meals/snacks, the body does not go into starvation mode, does not create as many fat cells, and uses those fat cells quickly rather than hiding them.

Anyway, enjoy your snacks.  Let your kids enjoy theirs.  Eat healthy and live long and prosper!

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