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Okay, I couldn’t come up with a cool or cute headline for today’s post so my quirky sense of humor came up with Charles Heston screaming “Soylent Green is people!” at the end of the movie.  So, Frittatas are eggs!

Since it’s been an eggy week, starting with Green Eggs and Ham and moving into Shirred Eggs, I decided to end the week with eggs and tell you about frittatas.  But first, Kitchen Nightmares update.

There is no update.  I did zero work on the kitchen this week.  I used the kitchen a lot, baking bread, making cake, fixing lunches and dinners, gallons of soup, etc.  But no unpacking got done.  Call me lazy, despondent, whatever.  I did, however, start the second novel, so I guess that’s something.  Now, on to the eggs!

I never think about eggs without thinking about Cicely Tyson’s comment about them in the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes.”  She said about a white character who is biased against blacks (in 1940’s southern Alabama) “Oh, it don’t make no sense, no how.  He won’t sit with a colored man, but he’ll eat an egg that shoots right outa a chicken’s ass!”

Okay, enough about that.  Let’s dish eggs.

Eggs are about the most versatile food around.  They’re also about the most nutritious.  I’ve blogged about egg salad, omelets, shirred eggs, and more.  I’ll be talking about eggs a lot in upcoming posts over time because of their versatility.

A frittata is an Italilan version of a quiche or omelet.  The primary difference is that the frittata is typically not folded or baked.  It’s cooked in a skillet until set.  The bottom is very brown and crispy, while the top is still soft and creamy.  One variation has the frittata being either flipped to cook on both sides, or grilled under the broiler to cook the top.  The broiler method is used when there is cheese on top so the cheese will melt and brown into a crust.  Think of an egg only pizza and you have the idea.

frittata 01


Frittatas are cooked in a skillet and can be as large or as small as is needed.  They can be filled with anything at all that’s at hand.  I’ve seen frittatas made with leftover spaghetti noodles, or home-fried potatoes, or leftover salad.  Frittatas can be elegant or home-style.  They’re as versatile as the ingredients you have on hand.

First, you need eggs.  Then, you need whatever fillings you’re going to use.  As an example, I’m going to describe a frittata I made a couple of nights ago for Partner/Spouse.  Partner/Spouse was working very late and didn’t arrive home until nearly 9pm.  FiL and I had made omelets earlier, along with home-fried potatoes.  Our omelets had cheese, bacon bits, onion, and mushrooms.  Partner/Spouse doesn’t like mushrooms (I know!  Right?) and shouldn’t eat cheese very often.  So what we were left with, for his omelet was onion and bacon bits, along with fresh cooked potatoes.  While I was heating the potatoes, the idea of a frittata came to me.  So I broke three eggs into a bowl, scrambled them well, and added about a tablespoon of bacon bits.  Then I added the onion to the potatoes and let them cook together until the onions softened and released their flavors.  While the pan was hot, I poured the eggs around the edge of the skillet, then into the center so they were evenly distributed.  While the eggs were cooking, I sprinkled more onion and bacon bits over the top.  Once the eggs had cooked for a couple of minutes, I used a wooden spatula to loosen the frittata.  While the eggs cooked, I moved the frittata around the skillet every thirty seconds or so to keep the bottom from burning and to evenly cook the egg top.  After a few minutes, the eggs on top had set so I slid the whole frittata onto a plate.  I put on salt and pepper and served it up with some fresh bread toast.

That’s a frittata and that’s really how easy it is.  Start with a hot skillet, but not so hot that it burns the eggs.  Mix the eggs and add any ingredients to them that you like.  Put any fillings that need to be in the pan before the eggs to the pan and allow them to become hot.  Pour in the eggs and distribute them evenly.  Cook, garnish, and serve.  Fillings are limited only be your imagination and what you have on hand.  Experimentation will yield surprising results.  You can make a frittata for one or for a family.

Enjoy and let me know if you try one!

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