Post # 79 Going Going Gone! pt 2

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Due to significant life changes, blogging will go on hiatus.  I will return right after the New Year celebration with more fun, humor, and food savvy to share!  I wish everyone a Happy Holiday, whichever one you celebrate, and glad tidings for the New Year!

See you soon!

Post # 78 Diners and Diner’s

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I’m back from a trip taken for personal reasons to the land that raised me.  Spent a week in Arizona and got to see family and old friends and eat honest-to-god real mexican food!  As is our habit, partner/spouse and I searched out the “hole in the wall” style diners and found three that catapulted us to gastronomic heaven.

The first was a mexcian restaurant my sister took us to.  I don’t remember the name of the place, but it was the best mexican food I’ve had in a LONG time!  It was crowded which meant that it had to be good.  The food was served hot and quickly.  They even had something on the menu I’d never heard of!  Carne Seca which was beef that had been dried into jerky, then chopped up, reconstituted in broth, fried, then served in burritos or tacos or enchiladas or whatever.  My brother in law said that it could be sort of a roll of the dice in ordering it since sometimes it came out way too salty.  I didn’t get it, but partner/spouse did and it tasted wonderful.  I had my standard combo plate:  1 taco, 1 enchilada, one tamale.  And the taco was exactly the way I remember them from my youth.  Good good stuff!

The second place was a small diner-style place that served only tamales of various types.  You could order as many as you wanted with one side.  I had a tamale jojo with pinto beans.  The tamale was rated triple spicy (it had three chile peppers next to it on the menu) but I could handle it with no difficulty at all.  It had shredded beef and cheese with chiles in the masa.  They were cooked to perfection!  It was kind of expensive, almost twenty dollars for three tamales, two sides, and two drinks – one of them water.  But we decided the tamales were worth it.  Probably because it had been so long since we’d had good tamales.

The best place we found was the traditional diner specializing in breakfast.  It’s called LaVerna’s Diner and was killer!  We lucked out the first time we went.  We sat down immediately and ate shortly after.  The second time we went, we couldn’t even get a parking space much less a table in the diner.  We had breakfast and I ordered an omelet with hash browns and toast and a side of sausage links.  I think everything was made on the spot.  The omelet was frickin’ HUGE!  The toast was buttered as I would butter it at home.  The hash browns were the size of a brick.  The sausages were to die for!  I stole a piece of bacon from partner/spouse and it was fried perfectly and so thick cut you almost needed a knife to get through it.

I loved being back and tasting the foods from my youth and seeing the place again.  But it’s also good to be back here and blogging again.  Enjoy!

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