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I’ll be off line for a week so won’t be able to post anything until next Wednesday at the earliest.  Everything is fine, I just won’t be near my computer during the interim.  I thought I would just tell you a funny food story.

When I first moved the Washington, D.C., I shared an apartment in Arlington about three blocks from the Pentagon with two guys who were in the Navy.  I was just starting my computer consulting career.  As a young, single guy with nearly no responsibilities, I was able to concentrate on hobbies and writing as much as I chose to.  The other two guys elected me chief chef which was fine by me.  Our first week in the apartment, I asked them what they liked to eat.  Mostly the standard stuff, they said.  We like meats, and chicken, and fresh biscuits, and gravy, and salad, and most vegetables.  The list went on for quite a while.  The first night after unpacking was completed, etc. I set about making spaghetti, garlic bread, salad, and a cake for dessert.  I made one of my usual “garbage” salads consisting of lettuce and every other fresh vegetable that would fit in the bowl, plus grated cheddar and sunflower seeds.  When we sat down to eat, I piled a huge bunch of salad in my bowl, squeezed lemon over it, and dove in.  No one else touched the salad but everything else was a big hit.  The next night, I baked a whole chicken (these were big guys), boiled some ears of corn, put out the salad again, and dove in.  Once again, the salad remained untouched except by me.  The third night, I freshened the salad a little but noticed that tonight would be the last night for it.  I tucked in and ate as much as I could but there was still quite a bit left.  I figured, well maybe they weren’t 100% truthful about the salad thing.  I didn’t make salad for a long time.  Several months later, they asked me why.  I told them that the first time I’d made salad, no one ate it except me, and there was no sense in throwing food away.  They replied that they didn’t eat it because I put things in it they didn’t like.  So they drew up a list of things that shouldn’t go in salad, tomatoes being at the top of the list.  I’d never before met anyone who didn’t like tomatoes.  It left me gasping.  Once the list was completed, I thought about it and said, “So you guys basically just want a bowl of shredded lettuce?”  They nodded and I mentally shrugged.  The next night, to test them, I put out a bowl of shredded lettuce.  It was gone in sixty seconds.  Go figure!

See you next week!

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