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If you’ve read through my blog, you know that most of my experience in cooking comes from my family.  To greater and lesser degrees, we all enjoyed cooking.  My dad could make a killer potato salad (I’m told since I don’t like the stuff), and he and my brother both have taken to outdoor rotisserie grilling like ducks to water.  My sister, on the other hand, never took to cooking very much.  She’s a good cook, and when she doesn’t try to do anything to spectacular, she does really well.  But there was one Thanksgiving dinner she made that stands out in memory.

It was just after she got married.  I don’t remember if it was the first Thanksgiving they had as a married couple, or the second or third, but it was definitely in the early days of their marriage.  They decided to host Thanksgiving dinner for their friends who for various reasons had no place to go for Thanksgiving.    She wanted to invite us, but as she explained, we wouldn’t enjoy the menu.  It was a standard menu, turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, etc.  Later, we learned that she put an extra “herb” in the stuffing to make it more fun.  She came to the house a few days before the feast to pick our brains about how to get this going.  She and her husband were only making the main things, and the guests were all bringing the side dishes.  One guy had said, “Don’t worry about the pumpking pie.  I’ll bring that.”  She was even making fresh bread to turn into stuffing.  I told her that if she ran into any problems or had questions to call.

So the day arrived and they woke up at 5 a.m.  She wanted to get the bread done early so it would have time to turn into stuffing.  Her husband is a unique person.  He wakes up either happy or grumpy, but none of the other seven dwarves.  This day, he woke up grumpy.  So she was trying to get things going and he was being a hindrance.  She finally said, “To heck with this.  I’m going back to bed.”  After much pleading on his part, she finally got up again when she was planning to finish the bread.  So things were moving along.  I’d only received a couple of phone calls for minor things.

Then, about 2 p.m. I got a frantic phone call.

“The pie just showed up!” she said.  I couldn’t figure what the problem was so I said, “Yeah?  Does it look good?”

“It’s a pumpkin!”

“Right, he said he’d bring a pumpking pie.”

“No!  It’s not a pie, it’s a pumpkin!  A real, live, orange pumpkin!”

I suddenly had a vision of this pumpkin sitting on her kitchen counter looking benign and orange and started laughing.

“Stop laughing!  I asked him where the cans were, the ones I always see you using to make pumpkin pie, but he said it came right from his garden.  What do I do?”

I stopped laughing and caught my breath.  “Okay, first, does it have a stem?”

“Yeah, about a foot long.”

“All right.  Grab the stem firmly and beat him about the head with the pumpkin until he’s either bleeding or unconscious.  Then come up here get one of our pies.  What flavor would you like?”

I’m always grateful for a good laugh.  Hope you are too!  However you plan to do Thanksgiving Day, I hope it’s all pleasant for you!




  1. I do hope you have a wonderful and Happy Thanksgivig this year.


    • Thank you, Ray! Right back at you!!

  2. Fun and entertaining. We getting our turkey from Popeyes “Cajun Turkey”. Heard its good, hope so!!!!

    • Really?!! You’ll have to let me know how it turns out. Hard to believe K isn’t making a turkey.

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