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Here where I live we’re on our third day of rainy days and gray skies.  We have one more day of this before it clears up and the sun comes back.  The temps have dropped along with the color in the sky and they’re not supposed to perk up very much even when the sun comes back.  Autumn, I guess, is here and likely to stay for a while.  Of course, I could be wrong about this since I’ve never ever lived in this part of the country before so I really don’t know what to expect.

As much as we try to deny it, humans live by the seasons as much as the animals do.  We tend to slow down as the weather gets colder.  We subconsciously start thinking about indoor activities since outdoors will not be conducive to spending large amounts of time there.  We start sprucing up the inside of the house and make it as bright as we can against the days that are short on sunlight and warmth.

The quickest and easiest way that we as humans do that is through food.  In the summertime, and early fall, we grill and barbeque and cook outdoors as much as possible.  In late fall, winter, and early spring, we use the oven more.  It evokes a sense of inner warmth, patience, and good things to eat.

That’s where we get the term “comfort food”.  We surround ourselves with things that make us feel better.  Comfort foods usually take us back to our childhood and foods we loved then.  For me, it’s anything fried:  chicken, hamburgers, french fries, potato chips; or anything with cheese:  mac and cheese, pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches; plus PBJ.

French fries covered in cheese is almost heaven.

I guess my favorite would be mac and cheese.  Everyone has their own favorite way of making it.  My mom started by making the powder the mix in a box.  Then she moved on to the gooey sauce in the box.  Later on, I started making it from scratch.  Then between us, we started adding things so it morphed into a full-blown casserole.  The base was still boiled macaroni and a sharp cheese sauce.  When I was in a hurry, I’d boil macaroni and drain it, then sprinkle either parmesan cheese over it or grated cheddar.  The cheese melted just enough and the taste was really good.  But I still go back to the cheese sauce in a pouch once in a while.

One time, my mom decided to make Fettucine Alfredo from scratch.  She read the recipe a few times, then went to the store and bought high quality ingredients.  She stood in front of the stove, created the dish, served it up to my dad and I, and we all ate till there was none left.  It was the best I’d had up to then.  While we were complimenting her on it, she replied, “It’s basically just mac and cheese.”

So here it is, another gray drizzly day.  I’m making comfort food to the max tonight.  I’m making sausages, bacon, hash browns, eggs, and corn muffins.  It will be hot, tasty, satisfying, and filling.  It will take us all back to our childhoods, and drive away the gray for a little while.



  1. My mom would melt down Velveeta into milk, and then add it to the macaroni with stewed tomatos.
    Then , place in a casserole dish, cover with seasoned bread crumbs and bake for a while. It’s still my favorite.

    • Yeah, I’ve done that, too. I’d also place tomato slices on top. My mom used to add shredded dried beef to it, too. Versatile stuff, mac and cheese, ain’t it?

  2. comfort food is always good to make on gray gloomy day; to reminisced of those good ole childhood memories.

    On Fri, Sep 14, 2012 at 2:58 PM, A Heritage of Humor – Stories from my

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