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It’s coming up on my birthday weekend, so partner/spouse decided to start the festivities early and took me to breakfast today as the start for our normal weekly “errands day”.  We normally do this on Saturday, but the weekend schedule is iffy due to work so today was the day.  As we were leaving the garage, he asked where I’d like to go.  Being a fan of diners of the “hole in the wall” variety, I suggested one we’d been to about a month ago and had a good time at.  He nodded, then brightened up and said, “Or we could go to the one Dad and I went to in Norman that one time.”  Since they’d talked about a couple of times, I knew which one he meant.  So I agreed and off we went.

It’s in the “old town” section, which is about three blocks long and two blocks wide.  There are a lot of esoteric shops, tattoo parlors, high end furniture stores, and a few lawyers offices.  The section starts by renaming the street James Garner Parkway.  Apparently, he must have grown up nearby.  We also seen Toby Keith Parkway, and Micky Mantle Parkway.  It’s kind of fun explaining who these people are to partner/spouse.

So we park and walk the block and a half to the The Diner.  It’s about eighteen feet wide, and very deep.  Booths line one side, the kitchen and counter line the other side.  A very narrow walkway goes down the center.  The entry way is about five feet deep.  It’s always crowded.  So we walk in and the lady at the cash register smiles at us and tells us to sit wherever there’s a free space.  We find a booth near the back and plop down into it.  For being so small, it gave a great impression of airiness and space.  The decor mostly had fish in it, but fish wasn’t on the menu.  Very odd.

It was standard diner fare.  One side was all breakfast, the other side was all lunch.  I didn’t notice what time they closed, but there were no options marked Dinner or Entree.  He ordered a standard breakfast, but breaking habit, I asked the waitress what she recommended in the way of a burger.  She told me about one called the Southside that was a half pound burger on a toasted bun, with cheese, pickles, sliced ham, barbeque sauce, and mayonnaisse.  I’m not a big fan of either mayonnaisse or barbeque sauce, but figured, what the heck! and ordered it.  She said it was very good so I decided to trust her.

The clientele was about what you’d figure for a small diner in an “artsy” area.  All the staff sported visible tattoos.  I think we were the only people in the place who didn’t.  I have a tattoo on my right shoulder, but it isn’t visible when I’m wearing a shirt which is all the time.  The food arrived fairly quickly and was DELICIOUS!  That burger was amazing!  Hot, greasy, melty cheese, a ton of pickles, barbeque sauce tang, it was great!  Everything was made fresh.  It was truly a good experience.  Partner/spouse said, “This is one for Triple D.”

If you don’t know Triple D, you either don’t watch The Food Network, or you don’t watch it very much.  Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives (Triple D, get it?) is a fun show with an over-the-top host, Guy Fierie, who is a lot of fun, entertaining, and pretty much up for anything.  My only problem with him is he doesn’t like gays, but who’s perfect?  He goes all over the country showcasing those restaurants that are off the beaten track, but have people beating down their doors because the food is good and the ambiance is amazing.  And this diner was certainly one for the show.

As partner/spouse said this I saw this:

I had to laugh.  In case you have troulbe seeing it, it says “Guy Ate Here” and has The Food Network logo, Guy’s autograph, and a stylized picture of Guy Fieri.  I don’t know if Guy ever did Triple D there, but he certainly ate there.  When the meal was over, I asked the waitress if it was okay for me to take the picture and she just laughed.  “Sure, hon!” She replied.  “We get asked that all the time!”

On a different note:  Please remember that if there’s ever anything you want to ask me about food or my travels, or just about me, please feel free to do so.  If you use the comment section, I will reply in the comments section.  If you use my email address, please reference the blog in the subject line so I don’t think it’s spam.



  1. No, but I looked it up. It’s called “The Diner” yes? I saw a bit of a segment on another website. Looks like Guy focused on their chili

    • Tim looked up what you were talking about and it was indeed on an episode back in 2009. It focused on the giant burgers (one of which I had) and the chili. They also specialized in frito chile pie, which rings a bell.

  2. He DID film there.

    • All it said was that he ate there. Did you see an episode from there?

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