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When I was growing up and learning to cook, one of the techniques I used to learn was making the same thing over and over again.  I was lucky, because most of the time, the people I would be cooking for didn’t mind.  Although once, when I was in college and living with my sister, I got so heavily into lentils that my brother in law came home one evening and asked how we were having our lentils that evening.  I like lentils.

One of the things that my family liked a lot was chocolate chip cookies.  Actually, with my family, if you put flour, sugar, and eggs together in nearly any format, they were going to like it.  And if you added chocolate, well!  Nuff said!  I got so I could whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies and get into a routine that would have four dozen cookies cooling in about an hour.   They never lasted longer than a couple of days or there abouts so I was constantly making them.  As is my habit, I played around with the recipe, adding or deleting until I got something resembling the original recipe, but different.  See the final product at the right.

After college, I came back home for a while, looking for a job to start my career and I became assistant manager at a store that specialized in electronics and the new-fangled contraption called a personal computer.  Since I was actually working a real job, I knew that my normal holiday baking would be severely curtailed.  See, with the way my mom and I planned things, there was an abundance of food for family and all visitors at any time during the season.  From Christmas Eve until well after New Year’s Day our house was stuffed with extra food.  It was set up buffet style so anyone could help themselves to whatever they wanted whenever they wanted.  At various points during the holiday, someone would cook up something fresh to add to the rest of the menu.

This particular year since I knew how busy I was going to be with working, I decided to get a jump on my holiday baking for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I figured I could bake my pies, cakes, cookies, and fudge ahead of time and freeze them.  Then all I’d have to do is thaw them out and add finishing touches to make them all good.  I told Mom what I was planning and she thought it was a good idea too.  So one day I had off, I make six cakes and froze them.  Another day, I made pie until there was no more counter surface.  I used up ten pounds of sugar one day to make enough fudge to float a boat.  Then I made more cake.  But the best days were the days I made cookies.  There would be cookies as far as the eye could see!  Sugar cookies, butter cookies, peanut butter crunch cookies, snickerdoodles, and always chocolate chip cookies.

As I said, chocolate chip cookies has always been a favorite for my family, so I knew I was going to have to make a lot.  I planned to make between three and four hundred cookies, hoping I wouldn’t have to look at another chocolate chip for a while.  It was a real production starting in the morning and ending toward the end of the afternoon.  Bear in mind that I was mixing all these by hand as I didn’t have any electric mixers in those days.  I had every flat surface in the kitchen and dining room covered with cookies cooling off.  I heard a gasp and turned around to see my four year old nephew looking stunned.

“Uncle Joe!  So many cookies!” he said in an awestruck tone.  “Can we have some?”

“Sure!” I said, and grabbed a couple of small paper lunch bags.  I put a dozen cookies into each of them and said, “Now give one of these to your sister.”

He ran from the kitchen screeching “Jenn!  Look!  We got cookies!!”  His mom wasn’t too happy with me, but I figured, “What the heck!”

Mom told me later that as they were leaving, Timmy turned to her and said in a very worried tone, “Grandma, make sure Uncle Joe doesn’t eat all those cookies!”

She just smiled and agreed.  I laughed at the thought the I could eat that amount of anything much less sugar-ladened cookies.  I filled the cookie jar and prepped the rest for the freezer.  I was working the next day when Mom called me at the store laughing hysterically.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“Timmy just stopped by to check on the cookies.” she said between gasps.  “He asked Grandma what happened to them all?”

I knew the answer but I had to ask.  “And you said?”

“I told him I guessed you ate them all!”

So Timmy if you’re reading this and you remember the missing cookies, now you know what happened.   And we had plenty of treats for the holidays as always.

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