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I like cake.  I believe I’ve mentioned that before.  I think cake is some of the best things on Earth.  I’ve eaten cakes made from box mixes.  I’ve eaten cake made from scratch.  I’ve eaten cakes created by artisans.  I’ve eaten cake made by professionals.  I’ve eaten cake made by the rankest of amateurs.  I’ve eaten cakes that looked so spectacular that it was a total shame to cut into them.  I’ve eaten cakes where my name featured in the frosting.  It sounds like I’ve eaten a lot of cake.  I have.

I also make cake.  I’ve already told you about the first cake I made in post # 11.  I’ve gotten a lot better since then.  My trouble is that I never seem to make cake consistently.  I’ve made cakes that were so light you could breathe on them and they’d float away.  I’ve also made cakes that were so heavy they broke the plate I put them on.  I’ve had really successful cakes and cakes that were absolute disasters.  Once, I had a coworker tell me that I made my frosting too sweet, that I used too much sugar.  That puzzled me since cake frosting is basically nothing but sugar suspended in butter or some reasonable facsimile.

I think my struggle for consistency may lie in the mixing process, and also in the recipes I’m using.  I’ve found that making a cake by hand tends to have better results, possibly because the batter isn’t being overworked.   And one recipe will always taste different from another.  I volunteered to make a birthday cake for my brother-in-law once and he chose a yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  Said it was his favorite.  Mine too.  But I couldn’t leave it at that so I researched and found a recipe called The Best Yellow Cake Ever.  It was fairly complicated, but it really was the best ever.  I ate a spoonful of the batter when it was done and had to concentrate on not eating the whole bowl.

I think the best compliment I ever got was from one of my sister-in-law’s clients.  My sister-in-law works part time in a group home for adults with Down’s Syndrome.  They were always struggling a bit to keep everyone clothed and fed, so we donated clothes, etc.  However, one year she asked if I’d make a birthday cake for one of her clients.  It was her birthday and her family couldn’t get a party together.  There was no room in the home’s budget for a party, so my sister-in-law was trying to put something together.  I was happy to contribute.

I decided on a sheet cake since it would be easiest to transport.  I made my Boiled Chocolate Cake (see recipe on the right), and a chocolate butter cream frosting.   I wanted everything to be perfect so I fussed over it all and made it the day I was delivering it so it would be as fresh as possible.  I followed the recipe to the letter and mixed it all up by hand.  I watched the baking process closely and made certain that the cake didn’t burn or get too dry.  It turned out perfectly.

My ex-wife and I delivered the cake to the group home and stayed to watch the party.  The birthday lady was thrilled, so much attention being paid to her, and all this was for her alone!  I can still see the excitement in her eyes as the cake was brought to the table with the candles lit and everyone singing.  The cake was cut and she got the first piece.  She took that first bite and her whole face lit up.

She gave me the best compliment she could.  “This cake is good and wet!” she exclaimed.

We all laughed and I thanked her, telling her that I was happy that she liked it.  She ate that cake with gusto, as did all the other members of the house.

To this day, I think that is the best compliment I’ve ever received for my cooking.


  1. I was just telling a coworker about your Boiled Chocolate Cake not but maybe 2 days ago. Still the best cake I’ve ever had !

    • Funny the synergism that happens, ain’t it?

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