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Partner/Spouse and I like to go to restaurants and have their appetizers for dinner.  We’ll order one and our drinks, then when that appetizer is done, we’ll order another.  Most of the time, since appetizers are so highly marked up, we have no trouble from the wait staff.  Occassionally, someone will ask if we can order all at the same time.  That doesn’t happen often.

What this does is give us time to relax, enjoy good food (hopefully), experience a restaurant over time, and basically just have a good time.  Most of the time, the appetizers are just smaller bites of the larger menu.  We’ve had some truly memorable meals this way.

Several times, we’ve enjoyed an appetizer so much that we’ve ordered it every time we went to that restaurant.  Once, we even saved an appetizer from being taken off a menu.  One time, we got an appetizer so bad that it was removed from a menu.

We’d seen a place in our meandering that was attached to a hotel around the corner from where we were living at the time.  We’d only been dating for a couple of weeks at this point and were still trying to impress each other, and still trying to get to know each other.  I suggested this particular place because I’d heard good things about it.  And it had a live band.

We showed up and were shown to a table and all was fine.  I noticed that they had a hot crab and artichoke dip appetizer so I ordered that while partner/spouse ordered bbq chicken wings.  When the apps arrived, I took a toasted pita wedge and spooned up a healthy bite.  Hmmm, I wasn’t too impressed yet, but hoped it would get better toward the center.  After a couple of bites, I looked at partner/spouse who already had bbq sauce on his fingers and face.  He tried it as well, but the flavor hadn’t improved at all.  It tasted like a really really bad tuna casserole.  The waitress came by to ask how everything was and I asked her to take the dip away and bring me some chicken wings.  She explained that nobody ever liked the dip and mostly the wings were popular.  I asked her why she hadn’t told me that, but she didn’t really have an explanation.  I told her that if no one liked it, it shouldn’t be on the menu.  She agreed.  We spent the rest of the evening eating chicken wings of various types.  The next time we went, the dip wasn’t on the menu.  Several other things were missing, as well.

There was a nice Thai restaurant nearby that we liked, but one day we went and it was boarded up.  No explanation or anything.  Just gone.  We boo-hooed for a while and went somewhere else.  However, the closed store was near where we normally shopped anyway, and very soon another Thai food place opened in the same spot.  We went soon after the opening, and as is our habit we started ordering appetizers.  One of those was called Thai Beef Jerky (see recipe on the right.)  It was wonderful!  We had two while we waited for our meals to arrive.  I probably chose my regular Chicken Pad Thai.  It’s a good dish to test a new restaurant with.  We went to the restaurant every couple of weeks for a while but after a couple of months, they changed their menu.  No Thai Beef Jerky!  We asked about it, and expressed our disappointment.  Within minutes, there was a plate of beef jerky at our table free of charge!  The next time we went to the restaurant, it was back on the menu.

When we moved to our current city and brand new in town, we decided to go to an old standby, chain restuarant since we knew what to expect.  But when we got there, we were surprised.  First, it was dinnertime on a Sunday and the place was nearly empty.  Found out later that most people were in church, so we learned when to go out to eat.  Second, the menu had changed and there were several new items being tested nationally.  We got the tastiest asian tacos we’d ever had.  And I got to have some of the best citrus marinated calamari.


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