Post # 1 Introductions

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Hi!  My name is Joe, and I like to cook.  I’ve spent nearly my entire life messing around in the kitchen. The earliest memories I have are from that room.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like to eat and all that’s good to eat comes from there.

This blog is about cooking, and about eating, and about learning to cook, and learning to eat right.  It’s about mistakes, and success, and about overcoming deficiencies.  It’s about substitutions, and creating something new from something old.  It’s about having fun, and laughing, and about extending part of yourself through the oldest medium.

I started learning to cook very early when my dad taught me to make popcorn.  We had an old aluminum popcorn popper that was a dented kettle with a glass lid that had to be held on to the kettle so it could be shook to avoid burning the popcorn.  It sat over a heating coil that had no temperature adjustment at all.  I was always proud to give my family a big bowl of popcorn with no burnt kernels, and very few “old maids.”

I started my “formal” cooking education when I was about thirteen.  I wanted to learn and asked my mom to teach me.  She was thrilled because she didn’t enjoy cooking.  For her, it was just something that had to be done.  She reached for her cookbook (just the one, which today just floors me as I look at shelf after shelf of cookbooks in my kitchen.)  She said, “Anyone who can read can cook.”  I made a cake and launched my cooking career.

From that point on, my cooking education was my own.  No matter what job I held in whatever career path I chose, I remained fascinated by the process of combining ingredients into something good to eat.  It’s almost magical for me.  I’ve had quite a varied career.  I grew up in Arizona, but have lived all over the U.S.  I’ve traveled all over the world for my job, and I’ve experienced a lot of different cultures.

One thing that ties all humans together is food and drink.

In this blog, I want provide examples of all aspects of food as I’ve learned it over the years.  I’d like to have discussions, suggestions on upcoming posts, questions about food or me, anything that sparks your interest.  I’ll answer any question that comes along to the best of my ability.

Thanks.  I hope to see a lot of people here.  Enjoy!

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